Dguruzland, from inception early 2016 was installed with the mindset of bringing technology and different types of smartphones specification to Fans and the general. And ever since we established it, i can proudly say it has been
positively effective.

What can Visitors find on Dguruzland?

Its a tech blog, so visitors are sure of a cool tutorial in an attractivr manner which always ends up feeding them with valuable info. We have lots of categories; about 4 for network affairs, another one for mobile application, another for mobile devices, another for web tutorials. Any visitor who somehow stumbles on Dguruzland always has a story to tell friends.

What do you think Brings back?

Its simple, our content does. I can't say our content are not elsewhere on the net but the way we present ours makes us stand out among the crowd. We take serious care in gathering information, put in a whole lot of effort in writting them in a way that always entertain our readers. What turns our visitors into return readers is the fact that our contents don't just
entertain them but, also passes on the required message

About me

My name is Owolarafe Mustapha Ayomide, i am 20years old currently living in Lagos Nigeria. I completed my primary education at Helen Queensley College in Lagos and my secondary school education in Saint Mary's College also in Lagos
I started blogging out of passion for learning and sharing. I found blogging as a medium of sharing my favorites things to the world. I started my blog career early this year. At first i thought i was just wasting my time but later i discovered that this may just the best i have done. So you can contact me through the following details if you want to ask any questions personally
Facebook - Owolarafe Ayomide
Gmail - owolarafeayomide@gmail.com
Googleplus - Owolarafe Ayomide