Monday, July 10, 2017

Low Adsense CPC Advertising URLs 2017

In our previous post we discussed on one of the ways of maximizing Adsense earnings, now in this post we will be discussing on one other way of also increasing your Adsense earnings and that is by blocking the low CPC ads.

List of low Adsense CPC Advertising URL

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We will provide you a list of 500 (much right) low CPC advertising url all you have to do is just to block these and you will see your earnings increasing in no time.

But first we will be discussing on how to block these advertising url in your Adsense account. And To do this;

Goto your Adsense account >> Go to Allow/block url

Then just copy and paste the list of all the URLs at once into the box then click block. That's all

List Of 500 Low Adsense CPC Advertising URL

We have already listed all the URLs in a text file for it to the convenience to you guys all you have to do is just to download this file and you will all the URLs there all you have to do is just to copy, paste and block.

To download text file click HERE

By now you should have been seeing some changes in your Adsense account. If you find this post useful don't forget to share. And if you unable to download the file you can comment your Gmail below we will deliver it in no time.



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    1. Definitely not sir, by blocking these URLs Adsense will only display ads with CPC rate on your blog.

  2. woow it really educates...will apply them