Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Place To Insert Adsense Ads on Your Blog To Increase Revenue

There are many ways of increasing your Adsense revenue apart from getting clicks and impressions. There are other things you have do to boost your Adsense earnings, things like blocking low CPC advertising ads, focusing on keywords with high CPC rate when writing an article, by using the appropriate ad sizes and at the right places. But in the post we will be focusing on just one of them which is the appropriate place to insert your ads in your blog and also the type of ads to be placed there. 

Before we move on you should know there are different types of ads and different sizes as well, there are some ads that are meant for specific area on your blog; a good example is the link ads, this ad can really work well when placed within a blog post in order. They are others like that which are meant for specific areas of your blog. 

There is a particular type of ad called the recommended ad, this can be placed on any area of your blog because it adapts to any area where it's placed. So as far as the type of ad Is concern it can work well when placed anywhere on your blog. Now let's proceed. 

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Best Places To Insert Your Ads To Maximize Earning

The following are the best areas to insert your Adsense for maximum CTR; the header section, navigation section, within post, sidebar and footer section. We will now be discussing on the each of them and stating the recommended ads to be placed there.

Header Section 

Many of us knows where this area, it's the area right before your post title or logo. It's really compulsory to add an ad here if you want to maximize your Adsense earnings because it's the first ad a visitor will see when visiting your blog and that will definitely grabs their attention. When a visitor actually site an ad on your blog that's called an impression and even though he or she doesn't click on the ads it still generate money for you. This ads doesn't really get much clicks but the amount of impression it gets can't be compared to that of other ads. Most famous blogs out there do insert ads here.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Size: 720×98 or 420×98

Navigation Section

This is the area right after your post title or logo. This area also grabs the visitors attention, so putting an ads there too will be really nice. And also make sure to design the ads to match with your blog's theme, this will help in drawing your visitors attention closer.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Size: 720×98 or 720×98

Within Post

You can place ads within your post also. You can place ads after your post title, middle of your post and at the end of your post. These ads generate more clicks compared to other ads. Best ads to insert here is link ads because it matches with your post title hence, tempting user to click on them which they will definitely will.

Recommended Ads: Recommended Link Ads, Recommended Text And Image Ads

Use both together for better results


This is the popular location where most bloggers insert their ads. Ads are likely to get more clicks and impression as well.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Sizes: All Sizes

Footer Section

Ads placed here are not likely to convert well because users don't usually reach the footer section of a blog when visiting. But placing an ad there isn't that bad, it brings some little amount of token into our Adsense earnings.

Recommended Ads: Recommended Text And Image.

That's all folks, just follow what we mentioned above and in matter of time you will start seeing changes in your Adsense earnings. If you find this article useful please do remember to share to your friends.

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