Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Best Places To Insert Keywords In Blogger Blog Posts

What's the essence of an original and SEO friendly contents without the proper use of targeted keywords. Having SEO friendly contents on your blog will definitely get you high ranking in Google search results but only with the use of targeted keywords.

It's quite easy to compose a SEO friendly contents but the major problem is where to actually insert your keywords for proper optimization.

Below is the best locations to insert your keywords in a Blogger Blog Post.

Before outlining this, we should know stuffing too much keywords inside a blog post is very bad and will definitely affect your blog in search results. So we should keep the keywords density about 2% or less for proper optimization.

1. Post Title

Adding your keywords to your post title is very important and it's also boost the optimization process making our blog rank higher in search results.

Also, we should try using catchy post titles to grab our readers attention  from social sharing sites and also in search results.

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2. First And Last Paragraph Of Our Post

These two locations are very important In a blog post because search engines mainly look these two places for keywords in order to rank your post, so always add your main keywords in this two places for proper optimization and to increase your posts rank on Google search results.

3. Posts Permalink

I should agree that we all know what Permalink is but if you don't it's just the url of our blog post. This is a very good location to insert of main keywords.

Automatically Permalink is generated by using the post title but to change it, move to the end of your post editor, locate Permalink, click on on custom Permalink then insert your keywords.

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4. Image Name, Title Tag And Alt Tag

Images are very important In the optimization of a blog post. When using an image in a blog post, the image should be properly optimize and also contains your keyword in the title and Alt tag.

5. Post Labels (Optional) 

We all know what labels are, this is also a good location to add your keyword in the other to increase your search results.

Many bloggers don't usually understand how to use this let me give you a quick tip.
If your  blog Niche is Education  then you can use Insurance as one of your labels then make sure everything you post about insurance is under it. If then someone search Insurance as a keyword on Google, the link to the labels may appear on the search results.. 
So this is all guys but before you go ask yourself this question
Apart from these locations where can I also insert my keywords for proper optimization?
If you have any idea of more locations where you can Insert your keywords for SEO optimization you can put it down in the comment box below for others to know about it.