Friday, June 23, 2017

Learn How to run successful blogging business from Gaurav Kumar

Running a successful business takes time, efforts, investment, promotion, strategy and dedication. You cannot expect any online business to become a brand within a day. It takes time to show results.

When you are going to run an online business or you want to start a blog, there are so many questions that will start eating your brain such as:

1) Where to learn Blogging
2) How to start a blog
3) What all I need
4) How to make it popular
5) How to make money with blogging

These are few of the most common questions that every newbie blogger has.

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Now you may ask that from where you can learn all this stuff or is there anyone who can actually help you becoming a professional blogger?

Answer is yes.
Gaurav Kumar is the name of a popular blogger and internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of His journey as a professional blogger is remarkable. He started small and with his efforts now he is making more than 50k every month. He has recently purchased Kawasaki Ninja Z250 bike which costs him 3,35,000 in Indian Currency.

Gaurav was interview by various blogs and publications where he has also shared his journey, struggle and success as a blogger.

Today I am going to share how you can learn successful blogging business from Gaurav Kumar.

1) How to start a blog:
Most of the newbie bloggers make the very first mistake of not understanding how they should start a blog.
According to Gaurav, starting a blog in professional manner takes time and efforts. You have to do lot of research and must have a good strategy to launch your blog. Gaurav tells you how you can create a successful blog business plan.

2) Work on all the factors:
Gaurav tells you how you can take care of the most important factors to launch a professional blog such as
a) Niche
b) Domain Name
c) Professional theme
d) Reliable web hosting
Gaurav have written various guides to help you how to take care of all these factors.

3) How to write quality articles:
Writing is where most of the bloggers loose traffic and not able to make their blog a brand. Gaurav tells how to write pillar articles and improve user experience on your blog. He also tells how to answer the queries of readers with the help of articles.

4) How to promote:UK
On Gaurav also tells how you can start promoting your blog and turn it into a brand. He tells the importance of social media sharing and email subscribers to get regular traffic and boost popularity.

5) How to make $1000 every month with blogging:
At Gaurav has shared various tips and tricks how you can make more than thousand dollar every month using Adsense, Bing ads, direct ads, native ads, Adsense alternatives, sponsored reviews etc.

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He also tells how Affiliate marketing can help you make huge money that most of the blogger only dream about.

In short if you want to learn how to become professional blogger and successful, you can learn that from Gaurav Kumar and his blog He has also started “Learn blogging online” course for those who want to hire him to teach blogging in one-on-one session online.

So what are you waiting for?
If you have a question, feel free to ask Gaurav on or connect with him on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.