Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How To Register A Free Custom Domain

Getting a free custom domain is now easy, it doesn't take more than 10mins of your time to register and link a free custom domain name. There are many bloggers using free Web hosting services such as blogger, WordPress and others.

But sooner you will have to get a custom domain for your blog in order to expand. Getting a authority domain is a bit costly, so if you know you can't afford it then keep on reading this post.

They are different ways of getting a free domain but as you can see am also using a free domain so the procedures I will be showing you is tested and confirmed.

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How To Register Free A Custom Domain

For this we are going to be using freenom. Freenom is a domain provider that you can buy authority domains from but luckily for us they also offer some custom domains for free such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and others.

When registering a domain, register a .tk domain because this can be use to apply for Adsense and get approve.

To get started, go to Freenom, you should see something like this

Free custom domain

You will then search for the domain name of your choice to check if it's available. As you can see i have already searched for one. Let's see if it's available.

If it's available you should see something like this 

Free custom domain

Looking at the image above we can see that the domain I'm looking for  is available, if yours is also available you can then proceed registering it but incase yours isn't available that means that it's already taken, you should try registering another domain. 

To register your free domain click the checkout button. Now you will be taken to a new page where you will be ask to select the validity of your domain. Just select 12 months@Free. I'm sorry that i couldn't provide the image here. Then click continue to proceed. 

After this should be seeing something like this 

Free custom domain

Now we are one step closer to getting your own free custom domain. If you haven't register for Freenom yet, enter your email address you want to register with and click on Verify my Email address after doing this an activation link will be sent to your mail, click on the link and provide your details in order to register. 

After a successful registration, you will be redirected back to your freenom account stating something like this 

If you're seeing this that means you have successfully registered your free custom domain name with Freenom and you can start using it anytime you want all you have to do is link it to either your blog. 

Notes: You can apply for an Adsense account using this free custom domain but it's only .tk domain you can apply with 

This domain is available for free only for 12 months at the end of this month's you will have to pay to keep it running. 

And also you should watch out for our next post because we will be Tell you how to link your Free custom domain with blogger.


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