Saturday, May 27, 2017

How To Increase Your Blogs Traffic On Facebook

It's been quite hard for many upcoming or young bloggers to get traffic from social media especially Facebook. Some even join different groups and start posting thinking of getting traffic but later In the day they wouldn't get what they expected.

Increase blog traffic on Facebook

You guys should know that it's not only about joining groups, posting, creating pages and groups that you can generate this. Some bloggers don't even do all this but they do get enough traffic.

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This made me come up with this article on How to increase Traffic from Facebook, just follow the formats here and in no time you will see your Facebook traffic increasing.

Create A Nice And Attractive Facebook Page And Group

Firstly create a Facebook page for your website with nice and attractive pictures. Creating a Facebook page for your Website will help In branding your website and after creating try getting people to visit and then you can start posting.

Please note don't always post your blog post try posting things that will get people attention and more likes. If you keep posting your blog posts your members will get bored and won't bother to come back . and also you can add your Facebook page like box to your blog, this can increase your visit too.

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Join And Share Your Post In Necessary Groups.

Many bloggers do fail here, groups you join and share your post really matters a lot. Join groups that match with your blog niche or groups you know that they really need what you have to offer. If your blog niche is about entertainment don't post in health groups. Always share your post where you know they will need them. And again join as much groups as you can.

Try Running Facebook Ads

This has been the most efficient way to increase your traffic from Facebook. Running ads of your blog will really increase your traffic with the ads getting across to more than 500k Facebook users. Facebook ads depends on the amount of your capital, the higher the money put in the higher the number of users your ads get to. Running a facebook ads will definitely increase your traffic by 100%. You can try it today.

That's all, just make sure you do all this and you will definitely see a change in your traffic in no time..If you have any question you can state it down in the comments box below we will definitely get back to you.



  1. Wow, this really helped. I got traffic to my blog Naijcrackgist but it didn't last for long, I don't know why.

    Pls sir do you have any idea of what stopped the traffic from coming?

    1. Just follow any of the above tips to continously increase your blog traffic from Facebook

  2. As long as one keeps far away from spam and contents are rich, everything will be alright. Signature: Brainslodge