Friday, May 26, 2017

How To Get Valid US, UK and China Address To Sign Up And Verify Google Adsense

It quite easy to apply for either Us or UK Adsense account but the major problem is getting a valid address to register. All address must be match i.e the street address must be under the state.

This has been the major problem some may even try to just guess any random address but not getting it right the street address they provided might fall under a different state than the one they provided.

And again you must also consider the address you want to use because it may later affect you during verification process. So this made me come up with this post on How to get a Valid US, Uk and China address that can be use for both Registration and Verification of an Adsense account.

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To get the address just go to Shoptomydoor, enter you name, Mail, phone number and country then register. After registration confirm your mail then that's all. Login and you will be given your own specific warehouse address in USA, Uk and also China. You can use this address to Registerfor Google Adsense.

For the Verification, make sure you use the address gotten from Shoptomydoor, the pin will be send there. After they receive it you will be contacted via mail and you will have to pay a certain amountof money for it to be taken down to your country.

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Thats all folks, with this you can create multiple Us or UK Adsense account with legit address. Please if you don't understand or you need help you can drop it in the comments box below.



  1. Hi admin, am really having a big problem with my adsense account. Google notified me just of recent to verify my UK adsense account, which am having difficulties in doing. Am in Nigeria, what's the possibility of verifying it from here with getting into trouble with google.

    Because aleady google Treathened to stop ads from displaying on my blog

    1. You can use shoptomydoor services, they deliver within some days you just have to pay them some money.