Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Submit a Blog Post to Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon was founded in 2002 and since then has been a source of getting traffic to a website. It is the main source of traffic to many bloggers out there. This post is going to be really short and very brief, this post is going to tell us how to share your blog's post to StumbleUpon and start getting direct human traffic.

How To Share Blog Post To StumbleUpon

Before you can start sharing your posts to StumbleUpon you must have a .com domain, because StumbleUpon accept only com domains. So before anything you need to get a .com domain first.

If you have gotten that now lets get started

  • For you to be able to share your post to StumbleUpon you are required to have the share button icon on your blog but if you don't have you can improvise. All you need is to look for a blog that have the StumbleUpon share button or you can just use mine, you can see the share button below my post you can use that.
  • Now after getting a blog just click on the stumble upon share button, by now you must be wondering isn't my blog post your are sharing but let your mind be at peace because we will be using a trick here. I wouldn't say a trick but just a little copy and paste that's all. 
  • By now you should be seeing the StumbleUpon post submission page. Now go back to your blog copy the link of the post you want to share then go back to the submission page.
  • Now at the top you should be able to see the link all you have to do now is to delete from my blog's URL start from to the end and replace it with yours then click enter. 
  • Now just fill the necessary info and Click on Submit. That's All.
That's all folks i know by now you must have started sharing. If you find this post helpful kindly comments and click on the share button.