Monday, March 27, 2017

Best Ways Of Earning Extra Money Online

They are lots of ways people earn some extra money online some of which includes taking surveys online, investment, review websites and apps, start your own website and much more. There are thousands of ways by which people are able to generate second hand income by doing little or no tasks at all. In this post we are going to be looking at some ways of by which you can start earning yours today.

Create Your Own Websites

This is a great way of making some extra cash into your pockets. Creating a website takes nothing less than 30 minutes.You can create a websites using different platforms. After creating a successful website then you can now monetize with different Ads Networks

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Taking Surveys Online

This is one of the popular ways by which people earn online. Many companies are now looking for people to take their surveys. By just taking your time by filling some surveys, attend to some questions you can get up to $5 by just filling a survey. Now imagine if you can take at least 10 surveys a day that means you can be earning up to $50 to $40 a day. This actually depends on the amount per survey.

Some sites that offer this service includes: VivaticTolunaSwagbucksOnePollMySurvey

Review Websites And Apps And Get Paid

Many apps and websites are created all most everyday, these websites are willing to pay just for reviewing them. Each websites have different amount will be given.

For this i will introduce you to  Usertesting. This is a new platform that provides all kinds of websites for people to review and been paid everyday. Each review last for about 20mins and pays you $10. Payments is via Paypal.

Write And Sell Your E-book

This is a common means of earning extra bucks, you could decide to write an interesting, useful and valuable E-Book which will catch the attention of people and then decide to offer it for sale at a price. They are different websites where you can offer you E-Book for sale and you get your money when people buy. If you also have a website you can create an E-commerce store.

Websites to sell an E-Book: PayHipLuluSmashwordsAmazon Kindle Direct Publishing

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Make Money With Fiverr

Fiverr is the worlds largest marketplace whereby people make some extra bucks by offering some services, services rendered are referred to as a GIG. At fiverr you can offer varieties of services such as article writing, logo designing, blog creating and much more.The minimum amount of each services is $5 (this explain why it is named Fiverr) but by adding some extra additional services you can be getting up to $30 for each service rendered.

They are other sites just like Fiverr and they are: Upwork and SeoClerks

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