Thursday, March 2, 2017

Google Consumer Surveys: No.1 Google Adsense Alternative 2017

One of the best way to earn money online is through blog monetization. There are several ways one could monetize their blog and one of them is advertisement. And Google has been the major source of advertisement blog monetization which we all simply know as Google Adsense. Recently Google has launched or introduces and great way by which bloggers can monetize their blog and this is the best and perfect Google Adsense Alternative - Google Consumer Surveys. 

Google Consumer Surveys Details:
I guess many of you guys might have  a slight meaning of the word survey. Google Consumer Survey is the process by which your visitors are been provided with short surveys which are to be answered in order to gain access into your blog, and you get paid for every survey been taken.

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There are other sites like this but the difference is that those sites are now adding paywalls before be given access to their content this simply means that you have to pay a certain amount of money before been given access. Unlike the Google Consumer Surveys you only have to just answer a survey to gain access, you don't have to pay any fees before be given access but this is a really great opportunity for website owner to earn some extra bucks.

Google Consumer Surveys Earning Details:

Currently, the advertiser they are also referred to as the survey creator, are charged 10 per each survey taken. From this 5 cent goes to Google itself and the other 5 cent belong tho the publisher which implies that all revenue received is been shared equally between Google and the website owner. The rate at which you earn is base on the total number of surveys are answered by your visitors. And also  the rate at which you earn depends on the total number of visitors you received per month. For example, your total number of 200000  visitors per month and 20% of these visitors actually took the survey, that means you will be having a  total of $2000 for that month. So you can see that it actually depends on the total amount of visitors you received.

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The information from Google was that the Google Consumer Surveys is quite easily to manage and control. You can set where they should appear on your blog, How often they should appear, how much content you want to make accessible after filling the survey and much more.

US publishers are already been accepted into this program as well as UK and Canada publishers coming in soon. As time goes on many countries will be given access to join this program.

Note: There are some certain Requirments needed before been accepted into the program and the include; An Adsense account, you must be over 18 and you must comply with the Policies.


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  1. This is very interesting to know, that is a good way to make money when a visitor lands on your blog