Thursday, March 30, 2017

How To Cancel Your Google AdSense Application

Many bloggers had to wait for a very long time waiting for Google Adsense reply mail. This has actually happened to me, I waited more than a months for AdSense to reply, after all the waiting I still got rejected. I actually knew that I will be rejected but I was unable to cancel my application I just have to wait for their response.

how to cancel goolge adsense application

These made think about creating these post because this had and will continue to happen to many young bloggers out there. For this post, I will be teaching you guys how to cancel your Google Adsense application, this post will be very short and very much understanding.

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How To Cancel Your Google AdSense Application

Let me just give you a tip about the whole process

  • For this, we are going to create a Youtube video channel using the same Gmail account used for applying for AdSense. 
  • Then, we are going to monetize it with Youtube Adsense, it's easy to get this, you should be approved in a matter of 2 to 3 hours. 
  • After all this you should be able to log into your AdSense account now.
  •  Lastly, all you have to do now is to cancel or close your Adsense account.
Thats all guys all you have to do now is either to register again or you can just wait and improve your website by posting relevant content and increasing your traffic.

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