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Low Adsense CPC Advertising URLs 2017

Low Adsense CPC Advertising URLs 2017

In our previous post we discussed on one of the ways of maximizing Adsense earnings, now in this post we will be discussing on one other way of also increasing your Adsense earnings and that is by blocking the low CPC ads.

List of low Adsense CPC Advertising URL

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We will provide you a list of 500 (much right) low CPC advertising url all you have to do is just to block these and you will see your earnings increasing in no time.

But first we will be discussing on how to block these advertising url in your Adsense account. And To do this;

Goto your Adsense account >> Go to Allow/block url

Then just copy and paste the list of all the URLs at once into the box then click block. That's all

List Of 500 Low Adsense CPC Advertising URL

We have already listed all the URLs in a text file for it to the convenience to you guys all you have to do is just to download this file and you will all the URLs there all you have to do is just to copy, paste and block.

To download text file click HERE

By now you should have been seeing some changes in your Adsense account. If you find this post useful don't forget to share. And if you unable to download the file you can comment your Gmail below we will deliver it in no time.
Best Place To Insert Adsense Ads on Your Blog To Increase Revenue

Best Place To Insert Adsense Ads on Your Blog To Increase Revenue

There are many ways of increasing your Adsense revenue apart from getting clicks and impressions. There are other things you have do to boost your Adsense earnings, things like blocking low CPC advertising ads, focusing on keywords with high CPC rate when writing an article, by using the appropriate ad sizes and at the right places. But in the post we will be focusing on just one of them which is the appropriate place to insert your ads in your blog and also the type of ads to be placed there. 

Before we move on you should know there are different types of ads and different sizes as well, there are some ads that are meant for specific area on your blog; a good example is the link ads, this ad can really work well when placed within a blog post in order. They are others like that which are meant for specific areas of your blog. 

There is a particular type of ad called the recommended ad, this can be placed on any area of your blog because it adapts to any area where it's placed. So as far as the type of ad Is concern it can work well when placed anywhere on your blog. Now let's proceed. 

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Best Places To Insert Your Ads To Maximize Earning

The following are the best areas to insert your Adsense for maximum CTR; the header section, navigation section, within post, sidebar and footer section. We will now be discussing on the each of them and stating the recommended ads to be placed there.

Header Section 

Many of us knows where this area, it's the area right before your post title or logo. It's really compulsory to add an ad here if you want to maximize your Adsense earnings because it's the first ad a visitor will see when visiting your blog and that will definitely grabs their attention. When a visitor actually site an ad on your blog that's called an impression and even though he or she doesn't click on the ads it still generate money for you. This ads doesn't really get much clicks but the amount of impression it gets can't be compared to that of other ads. Most famous blogs out there do insert ads here.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Size: 720×98 or 420×98

Navigation Section

This is the area right after your post title or logo. This area also grabs the visitors attention, so putting an ads there too will be really nice. And also make sure to design the ads to match with your blog's theme, this will help in drawing your visitors attention closer.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Size: 720×98 or 720×98

Within Post

You can place ads within your post also. You can place ads after your post title, middle of your post and at the end of your post. These ads generate more clicks compared to other ads. Best ads to insert here is link ads because it matches with your post title hence, tempting user to click on them which they will definitely will.

Recommended Ads: Recommended Link Ads, Recommended Text And Image Ads

Use both together for better results


This is the popular location where most bloggers insert their ads. Ads are likely to get more clicks and impression as well.

Recommended Ads: Text And Image Ads  Sizes: All Sizes

Footer Section

Ads placed here are not likely to convert well because users don't usually reach the footer section of a blog when visiting. But placing an ad there isn't that bad, it brings some little amount of token into our Adsense earnings.

Recommended Ads: Recommended Text And Image.

That's all folks, just follow what we mentioned above and in matter of time you will start seeing changes in your Adsense earnings. If you find this article useful please do remember to share to your friends.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Learn How to run successful blogging business from Gaurav Kumar

Learn How to run successful blogging business from Gaurav Kumar

Running a successful business takes time, efforts, investment, promotion, strategy and dedication. You cannot expect any online business to become a brand within a day. It takes time to show results.

When you are going to run an online business or you want to start a blog, there are so many questions that will start eating your brain such as:

1) Where to learn Blogging
2) How to start a blog
3) What all I need
4) How to make it popular
5) How to make money with blogging

These are few of the most common questions that every newbie blogger has.

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Now you may ask that from where you can learn all this stuff or is there anyone who can actually help you becoming a professional blogger?

Answer is yes.
Gaurav Kumar is the name of a popular blogger and internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of His journey as a professional blogger is remarkable. He started small and with his efforts now he is making more than 50k every month. He has recently purchased Kawasaki Ninja Z250 bike which costs him 3,35,000 in Indian Currency.

Gaurav was interview by various blogs and publications where he has also shared his journey, struggle and success as a blogger.

Today I am going to share how you can learn successful blogging business from Gaurav Kumar.

1) How to start a blog:
Most of the newbie bloggers make the very first mistake of not understanding how they should start a blog.
According to Gaurav, starting a blog in professional manner takes time and efforts. You have to do lot of research and must have a good strategy to launch your blog. Gaurav tells you how you can create a successful blog business plan.

2) Work on all the factors:
Gaurav tells you how you can take care of the most important factors to launch a professional blog such as
a) Niche
b) Domain Name
c) Professional theme
d) Reliable web hosting
Gaurav have written various guides to help you how to take care of all these factors.

3) How to write quality articles:
Writing is where most of the bloggers loose traffic and not able to make their blog a brand. Gaurav tells how to write pillar articles and improve user experience on your blog. He also tells how to answer the queries of readers with the help of articles.

4) How to promote:UK
On Gaurav also tells how you can start promoting your blog and turn it into a brand. He tells the importance of social media sharing and email subscribers to get regular traffic and boost popularity.

5) How to make $1000 every month with blogging:
At Gaurav has shared various tips and tricks how you can make more than thousand dollar every month using Adsense, Bing ads, direct ads, native ads, Adsense alternatives, sponsored reviews etc.

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He also tells how Affiliate marketing can help you make huge money that most of the blogger only dream about.

In short if you want to learn how to become professional blogger and successful, you can learn that from Gaurav Kumar and his blog He has also started “Learn blogging online” course for those who want to hire him to teach blogging in one-on-one session online.

So what are you waiting for?
If you have a question, feel free to ask Gaurav on or connect with him on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How To Register A Free Custom Domain

How To Register A Free Custom Domain

Getting a free custom domain is now easy, it doesn't take more than 10mins of your time to register and link a free custom domain name. There are many bloggers using free Web hosting services such as blogger, WordPress and others.

But sooner you will have to get a custom domain for your blog in order to expand. Getting a authority domain is a bit costly, so if you know you can't afford it then keep on reading this post.

They are different ways of getting a free domain but as you can see am also using a free domain so the procedures I will be showing you is tested and confirmed.

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How To Register Free A Custom Domain

For this we are going to be using freenom. Freenom is a domain provider that you can buy authority domains from but luckily for us they also offer some custom domains for free such as .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and others.

When registering a domain, register a .tk domain because this can be use to apply for Adsense and get approve.

To get started, go to Freenom, you should see something like this

Free custom domain

You will then search for the domain name of your choice to check if it's available. As you can see i have already searched for one. Let's see if it's available.

If it's available you should see something like this 

Free custom domain

Looking at the image above we can see that the domain I'm looking for  is available, if yours is also available you can then proceed registering it but incase yours isn't available that means that it's already taken, you should try registering another domain. 

To register your free domain click the checkout button. Now you will be taken to a new page where you will be ask to select the validity of your domain. Just select 12 months@Free. I'm sorry that i couldn't provide the image here. Then click continue to proceed. 

After this should be seeing something like this 

Free custom domain

Now we are one step closer to getting your own free custom domain. If you haven't register for Freenom yet, enter your email address you want to register with and click on Verify my Email address after doing this an activation link will be sent to your mail, click on the link and provide your details in order to register. 

After a successful registration, you will be redirected back to your freenom account stating something like this 

If you're seeing this that means you have successfully registered your free custom domain name with Freenom and you can start using it anytime you want all you have to do is link it to either your blog. 

Notes: You can apply for an Adsense account using this free custom domain but it's only .tk domain you can apply with 

This domain is available for free only for 12 months at the end of this month's you will have to pay to keep it running. 

And also you should watch out for our next post because we will be Tell you how to link your Free custom domain with blogger.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Introducing NETwonks: Best Way To Generate Quality Backlinks and Traffic To Your Blog

Introducing NETwonks: Best Way To Generate Quality Backlinks and Traffic To Your Blog

It's every bloggers aim to get more traffic to their blogger because more traffic leads to more income and In doing this it's a must to know how to generate quality and High PR Backlinks from high authority sites.

There are lots of ways of generating Backlinks, some are- guests posting, commenting etc. But one must be very careful of the sites you decided to get Backlinks from because some of them may of violated Google policies which will definitely affect yours.

Most reasons why those sites violate Google policies is because they carry out their task automatically. Google will consider those sites as a working bots and they will definitely punish them.

That's why we introduce to you NETwonks one of the best way to generate quality backlinks as well huge traffic manually  to your Blog without the problem of being affected. At NETwonks all tasks are been carried out manually, meaning we are surely on the safe and right side.

Best Backlinks and Traffic generating Platform
Image Source: Oshatrends
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NETwonks is a digital platform created by a group called the DigMax teams with the view of generating  Backlinks and Traffic to blogs, vlogging channels(YouTube channels) and websites and many more without violating any of Google policies.

How To Join The NETwonks Platform

1) Goto NETwonks Directories and sign up
2) Create a listing
3) Send a mail to providing your site/youtube Channel Name, your site/youtube Channel url, a brief site/channel description not more than 2 lines, site CMS Platform, categories of your site you want us to give backlinks, how many backlinks do you need from us weekly and any useful info. e.g
ExampleSite provide you with the best trending celebrity gossips, showbiz and lots more
Entertainment, News, Jokes, Technology
5 backlinks Weekly.
4) Now Sit Back and Let our Dedicated Team do the rest.

What You Will Gain For Joining The NETwonks Platform

You will be generating a reasonable amount of quality and High PR Backlinks which will definitely Boost your search results as well as increase your Alexa rank.

Your blog will be expose to new visitors Globally.

NETWonks will expose you and your brand to potential advertisers and we will frequently run Facebook ads to help create awareness of the services provided by all registered members of NETwonks.

And also NETwonks is also safe for blogs or websites which uses Adsense or any other monetization program.

For More Info:
Mail Us@
Whatsapp/Call- +2347066501946 or +2348036178100

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Best Places To Insert Keywords In Blogger Blog Posts

Best Places To Insert Keywords In Blogger Blog Posts

What's the essence of an original and SEO friendly contents without the proper use of targeted keywords. Having SEO friendly contents on your blog will definitely get you high ranking in Google search results but only with the use of targeted keywords.

It's quite easy to compose a SEO friendly contents but the major problem is where to actually insert your keywords for proper optimization.

Below is the best locations to insert your keywords in a Blogger Blog Post.

Before outlining this, we should know stuffing too much keywords inside a blog post is very bad and will definitely affect your blog in search results. So we should keep the keywords density about 2% or less for proper optimization.

1. Post Title

Adding your keywords to your post title is very important and it's also boost the optimization process making our blog rank higher in search results.

Also, we should try using catchy post titles to grab our readers attention  from social sharing sites and also in search results.

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2. First And Last Paragraph Of Our Post

These two locations are very important In a blog post because search engines mainly look these two places for keywords in order to rank your post, so always add your main keywords in this two places for proper optimization and to increase your posts rank on Google search results.

3. Posts Permalink

I should agree that we all know what Permalink is but if you don't it's just the url of our blog post. This is a very good location to insert of main keywords.

Automatically Permalink is generated by using the post title but to change it, move to the end of your post editor, locate Permalink, click on on custom Permalink then insert your keywords.

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4. Image Name, Title Tag And Alt Tag

Images are very important In the optimization of a blog post. When using an image in a blog post, the image should be properly optimize and also contains your keyword in the title and Alt tag.

5. Post Labels (Optional) 

We all know what labels are, this is also a good location to add your keyword in the other to increase your search results.

Many bloggers don't usually understand how to use this let me give you a quick tip.
If your  blog Niche is Education  then you can use Insurance as one of your labels then make sure everything you post about insurance is under it. If then someone search Insurance as a keyword on Google, the link to the labels may appear on the search results.. 
So this is all guys but before you go ask yourself this question
Apart from these locations where can I also insert my keywords for proper optimization?
If you have any idea of more locations where you can Insert your keywords for SEO optimization you can put it down in the comment box below for others to know about it.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

7 Proven Strategies To  Boost Your  Blogging Efforts

7 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Blogging Efforts

Hundreds of articles are been shared on all over the Internet on daily basis. This has really made blogging a way of managing a business either big or small.

There are different ways of boosting your blogging efforts or blogs performance but outlined below is the 7 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Blogging Efforts 

7 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Blogging Efforts

Publish Relevant And Best Content

Always publish relevant content that will surely get your users attention. Content is the key to any blogs survival, post content that you visitors can do anything just to get a glimpse at it even if they have to pay for it. And also don't delay in sharing your best content to your visitors.

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Try Own A Top Level Domain (.com .net .edu) 

Many bloggers begin blogging on a free blogging Platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and others, it's normal but as time goes on you should try getting a top level domain such as .com, .net, .edu. Owing a top level domain will definitely boost your blogs brand and recognition all over the Internet.

Hire Guest Bloggers

If you are busy or run out of post ideas for your blog, you can just hire guest bloggers to continue publishing content or your blog thus giving a new and different content to your visitors.

Proper Grammar When Publishing 

This has been a major problem to many bloggers the use of wrong spelling or grammar in their contents tends to limits the numbers of their potential visitors. So you should always take a second look at your article in case of any wrong spelling before publishing.

Commit Yourself To A Publishing Schedule 

Don't over working by posting several articles daily, always commit yourself to a publishing schedule if it is posting three to four relevant content per week always stick to it. This will also make your visitors more familiar with your blog by predicting when an article will be published.

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Conversational Tone

It's good to carry along your visitors in your articles by asking questions relating to the content topic. This will definitely boost the commitment of your visitors to your Blog.

Always Be Yourself

There are more than Hundreds blog all over the Internet if you want to stand out always be original. Always publish original content, publish content you have interest in.

The desire to blog has to be met with the necessary blogging skills, above is the 7 Proven Strategies To Boost Your Blogging Efforts, you can try all and determine which one best work for you